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The Association of Scaffold's Professionals in Greece welcomes you to its website.

SEPIE (A.S.P.G.) was founded in 2011, by professionals representing Greek companies and enterprises active in the sector of production, installation and import of scaffolding, and operates under the legal form of the association - primary professional organization (law 1712/1987).

The purpose of the Association, as reflected in its statute, is :

  • to concern about the improvement and the development of the professional scaffolding industry, as much as to assure its survival

  • to prevent and, if possible, to eliminate the transgressive cases in the professional scaffolding industry of production, installation and import

  • to elaborate, configure and implement a sound and commonly accepted code of professional art and technique, and also supervise its compliance

  • the development of a legitimate professional competitiveness among its members

  • the systematic study of the sector's problems, for the most appropriate, collective claim and settlement of them

  • the gathering, register and codification of the provisions that rule the lawful exercise of the profession

In such an effort everyone's contribution is needed, the founding members, the new members and every professional of the scaffolding sector.

SEPIE (A.S.P.G.) is at the disposal of each colleague or interested person, to answer any query or question. Therefore do not hesitate to contact the offices of the Association.

The Management Board